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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Lord Belial - Rapture

Swedish black metal masters Lord Belial are back and thirsting for blood! This new offering, Rapture is the bands first in years and marks some of the best work of their careers to date. On their ninth full length, Lord Belial have captured the essence of the black metal magic that makes them so special and leave listeners gasping for breath as they lay down a master class in what second wave black metal is supposed to be. Though it's been 14 years since they last put out material, it's clear that these blasphemers haven't missed a step.

Even now as the band intricately weaves in touches of black metal and more on Rapture, you see that Lord Belial have been carefully honing this sound. After thirty years they have a clear understanding of exactly what makes this band so special and what sets them in a demented league of their own. It's addictive to get lost in the twisted and blasphemous sonic savagery of this band. Rapture fascinates because of the grandiose nature of the music and the larger than life approach that drives this album forward. It makes for a record that entrances listeners with high powered hate and a sense that there is no bottom to the void that Lord Belial have crafted. 

Join me in getting lost in the burning wreckage and twisted suffering of Rapture. This is an album that really grasps the glory of black metal and the throat crunching magic of this genre at its finest. Lord Belial may have put in over a decade to craft this record but the wait has been almost worth it. Listening to these legends reborn is a rare treat and a reminder that sometimes those who have been doing it longest are still those doing it best. For old school fans this is one to really get lost in for spin after spin.

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