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Monday, April 4, 2022

Saklas - The One Who Swallowed God


Now this is an interesting one. Ambitious, deep and aware of its own grandiosity, The One Who Swallowed God is a stunner from Chilean black metal masters Saklas. This record has a flare for the dramatic, and even in its most lo fi moments finds ways to charm listeners eager to hear the latest from Chilean black metal masters. This record is daring and showcases a deep understanding of the genre. Throughout, the band shows that not only can they conjure up twisted black metal riffs, but also lean into more epic clean vocal portions.

Saklas have continued to impress throughout their debut and it leaves me curious to hear how a band like this seeks to develop, even as they continue to take some pretty surprising musical risks. The real curveball is ending the record with an 11 minute cover of a track from Chilean psych rock legends Los Jaivas. But even earlier in the album it's clear that Saklas are pulling from a diverse range of musical influences. One only need hear the back end of the 16 minute epic that is the title track to realize that Saklas are really looking to push boundaries and get listeners delving into darker and weirder sides of the genre. 

The One Who Swallowed God is a really potent and interesting record. It's an album that goes above and beyond what most of us might expect from the debut EP for a Chilean band. It's a record that shines any way you slice it and getting lost in the myriad layers of this album is a delight. I'm excited to hear more from these guys because they've gone deep in unveiling exactly what the future of South American black metal can be. Definitely something that underground addicts need to hear and experience for themselves.

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