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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Trace Amount - Anti Body Language

Trace Amount is a New York City industrial music project that was inspired by the harsh realities of life in the city during the COVID lockdowns. This new album Anti Body Language is a sort of twisted extension on that. It's a demented offering full of harsh beats and screamed vocals. It's an intensely personal record that leaves listeners gasping for air and curious for more. I don't find a lot of industrial music that resonates on the same level emotionally as this album, but it's a fascinating one to really let yourself get immersed in. 

The twisted magic of Anti Body Language comes in its ability to distill influences. Jazzy saxophones are contrasted with harsh beats, pulsating dancefloor rhythms lie underneath harsh metal vocals. The end result is a song that borders on the terrifying, that leaves listeners unsure where to go next but utterly terrified with the devilish hate that they have developed. It's a delight to let yourself get lost in this and experience the dark visions that Trace Amount paint for us. The art that comes out of this depressing tale of an experience that we all shared is fascinating and will keep listeners deeply engaged but horrified at the same time. 

Anti Body Language is an extremely valuable, if at times challenging listen. It's a record that really showcases the darker side of the artists psyche and encourages listeners to examine their own. The harsh beats and monochromatic soundscapes paint a weirdly vivid picture of life under COVID. Trace Amount has quickly become an impressive and mind melting project that leaves you in terror. For industrial fans it's a delight to get immersed in the darkness and the suffocating beauty that this project delivers. 

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