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Friday, April 8, 2022

Survival Instinct - Fatal Venin

Fatal Venin - now there's a helluva title for AN EP. And if we are being honest, the artwork is really a perfect fit for what a band like this is all about. The hectic assault of the guitars, the old school production, and the overarching sense of madness that perforates this most twisted of offerings. Survival Instinct are a Quebec thrash metal band featuring members of Outre Tomb attempting to keep the legacy of old school thrash metal alive. I'm happy to report that they find a way to succeed on every one of this EP's five bloodthirsty tracks.

Survival Instinct may not be attempting anything particularly novel here, but what they are doing is crafting classic thrash metal that worships at the altar of Venom, early Metallica, Slayer and other hyper speed 80s classics. The hectic playing on a track like "Instinct" is a whole lot of fun, and the unapologetic bloodthirst that defines these tracks helps to keep them memorable and fun. Survival Instinct don't really feel the need to hide what they are all about, thrashing it up, cracking skulls and starting up pits. Even if this project doesn't go further than this, it's a tasty addition to what has long been a legendary metal scene.

As a general rule this is a record that makes no bones about its 80s worship and ends up being an extremely fun headbanging good time. The shreddy frills and hyper powered energy keeps the record just nostalgic enough, but the blast beats remind us this isn't just another dad thrash band. Instead - Survival Instinct craft something that sits nicely in record collections next to Dark Angel and Exodus, conjuring up circle pits in a neverending whirlwind of the denim and leather that brought us all together.

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