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Friday, May 6, 2022

In Twilight's Embrace - Lifeblood


It's Friday and even as the week comes to a close, black metal rages on. Such is the wonderfully wicked magic of In Twilight's Embrace and their new record, Lifeblood. This Terratur Possessions, Malignant Voices co-release is a thrilling and skull cracking black metal release full of all sorts of demonic frills and glorious blasphemies against a god who failed This is black metal done right, going for the throat and demanding that listeners bend the knee in adulation of a band who will not worry about casting you into the pit. 

Lifeblood captures the imagination because of the burning hatred that fuels the band. The washed out vocals and thrilling guitar lines are beautifully thought out, and it's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the ferocious firestorm of the rhythm sections assault. There is a very real sense of bombast here that doesn't rely on synths or clean vocals, but rather which seems to emerge from the monochromatic nature of the music and the throat slitting beauty of a band who have gazed into the void and drunk from the night itself. This is a record that understands its own blasphemous ferocity and this is key to keeping it so twistedly fascinating. 

In Twilight's Embrace have proven with this record that they can write some truly excellent high intensity black metal. The way every riff hits and the spine chilling breadth of the production really speaks to a band who you are going to get lost in and find yourself coming back too again and again. Lifeblood is a crusher any way you slice it and it's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the high volume assault of this band. Devout underground fans across the globe are going to discover the power of this one, join their legions. 

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