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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Sacrifizer - Le Diamant De Lucifer


Are you ready for true French speed metal punk? Probably not, but no one really is ready for the madness that Sacrifizer deliver. Their bloodthirsty brand of blackened speed metal is delicious and borrows from a wide range of influences, ranging from local heroes like ADX to much more flung inspirations like Norwegian black metal. Their new record Le Diamant De Lucifer is a masterful offering any way you slice it and listening to the band lay out their brand of evil for 10 gloriously headbanging tracks is a real treasure. 

Le Diamant De Lucifer captures the imagination because of its dedication to blasphemous classic metal magic. The title track, whose name literally translates to "Lucifer's Diamond" is a prime example of this, with a huge shout along chorus and grimy riffs that capture the imagination. This is a band who understand what it means to conjure up twisted riffs and leave your neck a wreck. The fun and flashy solos are another huge highlight of this record, really leaning into some of the rock and roll glory that Sacrifizer seem to have so finely mastered on this particular offering. It's a delight to hear them lay into it time and time again. 

Sacrifizer may not be reinventing the steel on this particular offering, but it is a whole hell of a lot of fun to bounce around and mosh with them on Le Diamant De Lucifer. It's a record that  I think classic thrash fans will love but also black metallers. It's a record that understands both the fun and the bombast of metal and which is going to take you back to why you became a metalhead in the first place. Join me in moshing under the moonlight and reveling in the high powered assault of Le Diamant De Lucifer. You won't regret it.

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