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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Spiter - Bathe The Babe In Bats' Blood


A side project of critical darlings Shitfucker and Devil Master, you know you're in for a good time with the crushing blackened speed metal mastery of Spiter. Their new record, Bathe The Babe In Bats' Blood is a stunner, full of blackeend tropes and twisted imagery keeping listeeners up at night and in awe of the demented darkness of this release. It's exactly the sort of black punk explosion that I think fascinates so many of us and whose bloodthirsty brilliance is going to leave fans in awe of what has been done with the project. 

One of the first things that struck me about this record was the extent to which it really captured the spirit of Hells Headbangers. It has all the tropes that define the best bands on the label, hectic high sped playing, twisted lyrics and lo fi production that gives you a real sense of basement show insanity. Spiter have found a way to craft this sound at a very high level and leave listeners completely in awe of the twisted vision and dark evil behind the music. This is a band who understand the power of the underground and dilute it in a storm of swords, hell ripping metal fury to keep metal nerds obsessed and coming back for more of the same blood drinking brilliance. 

Bathe The Babe In Bats Blood is a brilliant record, an album that ties into so many of the tropes that make this genre great. The blood curdling brilliance behind the album and the high powered destruction that fuels it is mesmerizing. This is blackened speed filth done right, lusting for blood and with a sense of bombast that is going to keep devout fans in awe for years to come. While Spiter may just be a side project for now I think many of us are excited to see if this demented amalgamation of two of the scenes favorite bands can become something more.

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