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Friday, May 20, 2022

White Ward - False Light

My favorite Ukrainian black metal band is back! Even in the midst of disaster, the post black metal masters White Ward have managed to craft one of their most impressive works to date .It's a broad and sweeping record, one that sees more saxophone than ever and their unique blend of jazz and black metal being executed in whole new ways. False Light sees everything from raw black metal to jazz by way of death rock all brought together to create a monumental effort that is going to keep fans in awe. They've brought it to a whole new level.

There is something transcendental and powerful about this record. It's an album that sees the band operating at a much higher level than ever before and it's a delight to let yourself get really lost in. With production that remains tight and focused, this is an album that you hear quickly unfold its core principles, and then impress you with various interpretations on them for over an hour. For other bands a record this long might be a death blow, White Ward find a way to make it work and in fact leave me even more impressed with what these visionaries have been able to craft behind their music. It's stunning any way you slice it.

 False Light is a stunning next step for White Ward. It sees them going further than ever before and speaking to fans in whole new ways. This is the record that the bands early promise hinted at and a clear indication of what is to come next from these masters. In a world where black metal so often seems to run into stylistic walls, White Ward have found a way to make their own unique spin on the genre entirely their own, leaving listeners in awe, thrilled at what more is to come and the grand overarching vision of a band who are devoted to throat ripping insanity. 

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