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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Frosten - With Sigils and Infernal Signs


Frosten bill themselves as True English Black Metal. Coming from the gloriously twisted mind of Azrael, the singular vision behind Heathen Deity, Helvellyn, Torver and Thy Dying Light, Frosten unleash even more wonderfully wicked second wave black metal. While Azrael and session drummer Julian Foster aren't reinventing the steel on With Sigils And Infernal Signs they certainly are doing a great job of paying tribute to an incredible scene. The songs on offer here are magnificent blood offerings, transcendent and grand in scope, guaranteed to leave you in awe. 

With Sigils And Infernal Signs impresses because of the darkness of the atmospheres that Frosten so easily conveys. The monochromatic soundscapes of tracks like "My Words Become Flesh" feel inherently larger than life and like the sot of thing you could get lost in for years. It's black metal that touches on the soul and speaks to the sort of inner lamentation that I think we all must struggle with. Letting yourself get fully immersed in that is a rare treat and one that I think fans of the underground will find endlessly appealing as they delve ever deeper into the magic of this record. It's certainly one that keeps on giving after multiple spins. 

For those of us who love black metal with every fiber of our polluted beings, then this is a record that is going to get you excited and keep you coming back. With Sigils And Infernal Signs taps into so many of the glorious and interesting elements of black metal. Frosten have proven that their brand of True English Black Metal can still reign powerful and free, charming listeners and leaving them coming back for more underground blasphemy. If you're looking for classic feeling black metal, then this album will capture your imagination. 

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