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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Promethean - Aornos


Promethean - now there's a band name! Their new record, Aornos is a striking fusion of black and death metal, with doom metal fringes and epic frills to keep listeners deeply engaged in the depth of their larger than life, and oftentimes all entrancing story. This is blackened death metal done right, using ancient Greek instruments to maximize the atavistic aura and tenebrous sounds to cast a dark pall over the music being created here. The doomed magic of this album, and the devotion to ancient Greek mysteries makes for a unique listening experience. 

Aornos is a little bit in love with its own majesty, but that's honestly a huge part of the fun. This is epic and grandiose metal that is going to keep underground fans in awe and which will continue to leave listeners excited for what more is to come. There is a real sense of forgotten glory that shines through the best moments of this song and an overarching sense of sorrow that helps to drag listeners down into the pit. While at times the album can get a bit too cerebral ("Vessel Of Empiricism" I'm looking at you) in general this is a really impressive offering that shines with its immaculate execution. It's a distinct take on an already diverse genre. 

This is a potent record, and one that lovers of myth and magic are going to really wind up being entranced with. While the nerdiness of Aornos often shines through, for those of us enamored with that sort of thing, it's going to have listeners coming back for more. As it is, Promethean have managed to take a serious step forward in their careers with this piece, showing that their early promise was no fluke, but that they are going to keep pushing further and reaching ever more transcendental heights, impressing listeners and leaving them in awe of the grandiose wizardry of their sound.

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