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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Lament In Winter's Night - At The Gates Of The Eternal Storm

Lament In Winter's Night - now there's a name for a black metal project! The album title too, At The Gates Of The Eternal Storm is similarly spectacular. You know what you're in for, and it is utterly fantastic. This iconoclastic project finds itself deep in the depths of the world of vampiric black metal. The monochromatic songwriting, twisted vocals and sense of isolation that Lament In Winter's Night unleash across this offering is thrilling. The visionary behind this record, known only as The Seer is clearly devout in his role as a son of northern darkness.

Emerging from the Australian underground with a sense of glorious and all encompassing evil, it's hard not to be thrilled by the inherent darkness of this record. It's the sort of offering that reeks of isolation and a sense of untold misery that leaves listeners coming back to continue to lose themselves in the bleak realities that Lament In Winter's Night paint in uncompromising monochrome. This is black metal done right, with a sense of burning sorrow that I think will keep listeners eternally coming back in awe of a record that has touched on something dark and very human within all of us. The Seer clearly understands what mesmerizes about the deep intimacy of one man black metal projects.

Though elements of this offering may seem a bit primitive, that's kind of the point. There is a conviction behind the misery of this record and the power within the darkness that is going to keep you enchanted with the darkness. At The Gates Of The Eternal Storm is a monster of a record any way you slice it. It may be deep in its own world of atavistic darkness, but that's a huge part of the appeal. Getting immersed in these layers of hatred and sorrow is charming and fascinating in its own way. Join me in turning it all the way up and getting lost in the bleak.

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