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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Saor - Origins


Saor have for a decade now proven that their unique brand of Scottish black metal mastery is not something to be trifled with. Their music has always been a delight to lose yourself in and speaks to the ongoing burning power of both Scottish culture and black metal as a whole. This latest offering, Origins is a masterwork that speaks to the breadth of the bands compositions and the power that their vision has had over the forward thinking black metal scene for years now. Even a decade in it feels like Saor is just getting started. 

Melodic and beautiful, Saor have tapped into an older and triumphant beauty that makes Origins some of the most compelling black metal that I have heard in a long while. Saor see themselves soaring ever higher, tapping into darker elements and touching on the soul. There is a very real beauty to their execution and the potent synths and large scale compositions work in tandem to craft a sound that is going to keep listeners enamored with the tormented beauty that Origins lays out for us. It's black metal against modern times, but meant to keep you going despite what new horror might be presented to our unsuspecting souls. 

Origins is a potent and stunning step forward for Saor. It's a record that fulfills all of their early potential and shows what more they could become. There are so many places the band could take this sound, but their dedication to Caledonian landscapes and dark Scottish nights remains admirable and perfectly fitting. Saor have gone above and beyond here, and letting yourself get swept up in it all is a privilege. Join me in reveling in the magic of this latest black metal gem. It's a masterwork that will leave you in awe. Turn it all the way up. 

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