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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Perdition Temple - Merciless Upheaval


Perdition Temple have long been favorites of mine in the world of the twisted and brutal blackened death metal underground. Their sound has always destroyed lives and slit throats. There is a very real magic that makes their records compelling and a sort of inner evil that is hard to deny. On their latest record Merciless Upheaval Perdition Temple manage to showcase this with a unique approach. Side A features four originals, and side B sees them covering 4 classic bands from all across the extreme underground. The end result is gloriously sickening. 

When Perdition Temple kick off the record, you are treated to a hefty dose of all that makes them great. This means hectic guitars, double bass drums blasting and crudely barked vocals. It's thrilling stuff to hear come together. On the flip side though, the covers seem to only add more to the mystique of a truly excellent band. Seriously - what kind of band would even think to cover Shub Niggurath or Infernal Majesty in 2022? But Perdition Temple do, and it rules. What's more, they sit nicely alongside more conventional reprises of Morbid Angel and Pestilence. The end result is a thrilling set of offerings that will keep fans in awe. 

Merciless Upheaval is a thrilling and crushing offering. It's a record that shows how much more Perdition Temple have to offer as well as proving that they still haven't strayed too far from their roots. Perdition Temple have found a way to balance all the components that make them great and prove with this burly tour de force that they are among the best to be doing it today. Letting yourself get lost in the assault is only part of the fun. Turn it all the way up and get ready to rage, because Merciless Upheaval is a stone cold stunner. 

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