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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Katakomba - S/T


There's a really exciting tidal wave of young death metal bands emerging from Sweden these days.  As much as many of them owe a debt to the old school Swedish masters, many, like Katakomba, are also pulling from the Florida school. The end result is chainsaw riffs meet off kilter melodies in a dynamic and exciting offering that is going to capture the imagination and leave you moshing up and down. This new record is an absolute rager that can't help but to leave listeners in awe of the darkness being conjured up within. 

Katakomba have a certain charm because of their willingness to lean into classic death metal tropes. Even song names like "Tomb Of The Desecrated" are evidence that the band have spent a lot of time with the old school masters. It's thrilling to lose yourself in the twisted vision of Katakomba with its classic death metal tropes and unique fusion of ideas. It's a delight to really experience the burning darkness of a band who understand the power of the underground in a way that so few of their peers can really grasp. It makes for death defying and thrilling music that will keep you coming back in awe of the death metal altar upon which their sonic sacrifice has been made. 

Suffice it to say, Katakomba may be young, but they've got riffs. Not only have they got riffs, but they've got riffs on riffs. It's the sort of band who go for the throat every time and impress you with both their deep understanding of the genre and unabashed technical ability. It's a blast to turn this one all the way up and fall in love with the inherent darkness of the band. Katakomba have gone above and beyond to make a stunning record here. Join me in the pit, because these guys are perhaps the next great Swedish death metal ambassadors.

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