Chuck Schuldiner Project

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Dreadnought - The Endless

I remember the first time I heard Dreadnought many years ago. It was after receiving a promo for their excellent 2nd record Bridging Realms. At the time it felt like something truly special was happening. A few weeks later I saw them play a squat in Philly and was blown away by the magic of this prog band who seemed obsessed with doom and had a drummer who could play saxophone and drums simultaneously. Slowly we developed a friendship and I remained consistently excited for new offerings from this brilliant band. This album is no exception. 

This record sees the band undergoing a few lineup changes but retaining much of their core sound. It is perhaps a more ethereal release than that which came before but the nods to both classic black metal and doom remain there. The band, five albums into their career at this point is continuing to define their voice. Their shimmery brand of dark music seems to almost owe more to post rock this time around than anything else. There is a lot to get lost with and immerse yourself in on The Endless, it's a record that seems to hint at infinite possibility and will see listeners getting increasingly lost in the epic vision of the band. 

The Endless sees Dreadnought pushing their sound once more to a whole new level. It's really exciting to hear their unique execution and vision play out time and time again, there is something completely fascinating about this band and their neverending dedication to their vision. Dreadnought have once again proven that they are among the best doing it today. To experience one of their albums even once is a privilege. To have spent 7 years following it is an honor. I hope for many more albums like this one, and you should too.

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