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Monday, August 1, 2022

Hierophant - Death Siege

Well we finally have it, the first new Hierophant record in 6 years. Death Siege is pure fucking apocalypse, some of the bands best songs ever refined into a vicious whole and dedicated to tearing up the souls of the weak. This is blackened death metal done right. Through it all the band manages to pay tribute to their hardcore roots, whilst moving away from the more grindcore elements of their last album, Mass Grave. The end result is an offering that is truly stunning, larger than life and wonderfully exciting to immerse yourself in. 

This record is thrilling in both its dedication to chaos and the dynamic approach that the band so eagerly deploys. Tracks like "Nemesis Of Thy Mortals", the epic album closer simultaneously fuse touches of basement dwelling grindcore with teeth gnashing black metal. The end result is an offering that seems both bombastic and down to earth. It's a record that drags you to hell, but does so in the most demented way possible, over every single bump in the road ensuring a maximum amount of pain as you descend into raw fucking violence. This is the beauty of Death Siege, it's a record that delves deep into its twisted morbidity. 

Death Siege is a stunner any way you slice it. For Hierophant to come back after six years stronger than ever having built on their classic sound without losing site of just how special it can be is truly excellent. This is a record that is going to leave you in awe, headbanging to the crazed madness that has come to shape this band and so much of what's come before. Hierophant understand the glorious darkness of extreme metal and this latest offering is given to the fall into darkness we all must inevitably take. Press play and experience the madness when this drops August 26th!

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