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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Exaltation - Under Blind Reasoning

Now this is death metal. Exaltation have at long last released their debut album, five years after generating a mountain of hype with their debut demo. These guys prove that the New Zealand death metal scene remains fertile and exciting, full of twisted visions, blasting drums and guitar riffs that are just to die for. This is death metal done right, with a lust for blood and a ballsy full frontal assault that is going to keep you excited about what the band is doing and their neverending march towards skull cracking misery. It's glorious to see. 

Under Blind Reasoning is chunky in all the right places and death defying in so many thrilling ways. It has a sort of epic side that I think few of the bands peers can really match up too and the depth of the performances is really impressive. Though it might have taken Exaltation a while to get up and running, this debut offering is more than worth it, really speaking to their skill as composers and thrilling with the high power execution of what they've done. It's a death metal record that taps into the primal forces of the genre and leaves listeners thrilled, curious to hear more and going ever deeper into the underdark of lost madness. 

Exaltation have gone above and beyond on their debut to quickly establish themselves as masters of their craft. It marks another great find from their label, the always excellent and often much weirder Sentient Ruin. This is death metal done with the goal of global destruction, skull shattering madness and leaving the dead turning in their graves. It's a record you can get lost in and one that is going to fascinate for decades to come. If you're looking to fully immerse yourself in the darkness of this blasphemy of ours, there are few better starting points.

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