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Friday, July 1, 2022

Hellfire Deathcult - Al Nombre De La Muerte

Blackgrind is a rarely attempted genre. It's one that far too often sees bands getting lost in atonal buzzing in the name of extremity and actually failing to make any real art. But Hellfire Deathcult, the Chicago masters of the genre, have proven once more that they are up to the task. Their third full length, Al Nombre De La Muerte is an absolute throat ripper of a record, full of bottom end hatred and blasting drums. It's a twisted offering and one that will definitely alienate newbies to the darkest depths of underground music, but for those of us who have dedicated our lives to it, it's truly excellent. 

Al Nombre De La Muerte is not really an easy listen necessarily, but that's not the point. It's a record that scrapes the depths of depraviy and whiuch in its saturated and cripplingly heavy gurglings forces you to pull back the veil and gaze upon the darker elements of our world. This record is the rock you turn over to find something disturbing crawling underneath. And that's what makes it fucking rule. This isn't for casual fans, but rather the truest devotees. It's a harrowing experience but wholly worthwhile. I was actually a little surprised to see Helter Skelter put this out, a record this intense and dark would normally be the provenance of a label like Sentient Ruin.

Hellfire Deathcult are here to terrify and this latest offering is a crusher of astounding magnitude. After years of grinding away, it seems like they've been able to polish their trademark sound into something resembling its final form. The focus here is colossal riffs, buzzing bottom ends and a sense of despair as you gaze into the very void of Hell itself. This is an absolutely crippling record and one that lives up entirely to its gruesome and over the top album art. Dive in and drink from the pit, that's all Hellfire Deathcult want from you.

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