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Friday, July 22, 2022

Fern - Intersubjective

Now this is an interesting one. Fern is a dark ambient pop project from Paul Seidel, the drummer of The Ocean. The music is potent to say the least, with throbbing industrial beats underscoring soaring ambient magic and a sort of overarching sense of sonic poetry leaving me in awe as I delve ever deeper into the potent and visionary magic of this band. This is art pop done right, with the desire to bring you along with it on a magical ride as you uncover the magic of a record that flits in and out of your life, fascinating with its myriad layers and all it holds.  

The promo text describes this record as "like a midnight metro ride, past flickering lights and across shifting tracks" and this is honestly accurate. The flickering magic of Fern is delightful to really get a sense for and the pulsing nature of the music is the sort of thing that you can really lock into and keep falling in love with for years to come. It's a huge departure from the work of The Ocean, but would you really expect less from someone in that band? As a side note, the drum work on this record is particularly excellent, while never flashy by design there are fills in here that are just to die for. Periodically you are subtly reminded that this is a drummers solo record after all.

Intersubjective is an interesting record and one that I think fans of Paul Seidel's work in The Ocean are going to enjoy even if it is a far departure from his traditional work. There's really something to be said for te bold step away from his normal work that this is, but also how well executed it is. This is a record that you can unquestionably get lost in and fall in love with time and time again. It's a release that takes you on a journey, through long nights, broken hearts and fall aparts in a way that so few artists ever really are able to achieve.

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