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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Asgrauw - Facade

The Dutch black metal scene is incredibly exciting these days, and few bands reflect this potency more than Asgrauw. This is black metal done with a thirst for blood, balls out blast beat driven assaults and monochromatic frostbitten riffs come together to craft a listening experience that will keep listeners entranced and begging for more. There is a truly thrilling magic to the breadth of execution and vision behind this band. The inherent drama of their new album Facade is delightful, and losing yourself in this abyss is a pleasure. 

Asgrauw understand the fundamental, searing power of black metal. It's a privilege to immerse yourself in the bleak vision that they have crafted and the distinctly human assault. The half shouted vocals that layer in between the screams on tracks like "As Van De Doden" give you a real sense of terror that I think few of the bands compeers can really match up against. Meanwhile, the eerie album art with its hints at lost and magickal Dutch forests only adds to this overarching sense that some things best left forgotten have been disturbed and now we are finding outselves living through the consequences of a bleak and uncertain soundscape. 

Powerful and daring in its execution, Asgrauw have nicely tied into so many classic elements of Dutch black metal and it's such a delight to feel yourself get immersed in this vision. The driving assault that thrills listeners on these tracks is endlessly addictive and speaks to the incredible talent that this band executes with time and time again. Hearing them bring these offerings even further with future releases is going to be a delight. Asgrauw have impressed with this release, yet another gem in the crown of their label, Death Prayer Records.

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