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Monday, July 4, 2022

In Nothingness - Black Sun Funeral

Now this is an interesting one - a Japanese melodeath project that eagerly pays tribute to the classic Swedish bands. While this might seem a little bit off kilter, those in the know are familiar with a long line of classic Japanese melodic death metal bands. In Nothingness's new album Black Sun Funeral, is just part of a stunning tradition that has found a platform on one of my favorite current labels, Mexico's Personal Records. The end result is a thrilling release that speaks to the power of melodic death metal in the current scene and In Nothingness's capability as performers.

While In Nothingness certainly suffers from muddy production, as a general rule, Black Sun Funeral is an absolutely crushing record. It's an album that loves the heavier side of the genre and which overwhelms with crushing riffs and a rapid fire metal assault. Black Sun Funeral thrills with its high flying guitars and punchy compositions. When the songs really lean into the angular riffing and melodic guitar lines they shine in a way that is wholly their own. Particular standouts include the bridge to "Shadow Of Grief" which really seems to hint at all the potential that In Nothingness has a project and what the album can eventually become. 

Black Sun Funeral is a dynamic and endlessly fascinating release. It's a record that, while very much aware of its own imperfections, attempts to really push through with a very earnest devotion to a classic subgenre of metal. In Nothingness are a veritable force in the underground and listening to them rip it up on this record is a lot of fun. There's some truly impressive playing throughout this album and the deeper I delve into it the more I find myself headbanging and even singing along in parts. It's a goddamn blast any way you slice it.

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