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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mimorium - The Route Of Haeresis


It feels like there are fewer and fewer black metal bands playing classic melodic black metal with every passing year. Fortunately Mimorium have been carrying the torch since 2016, and their unique breed of twisted meloblack is more than enough to titillate the senses. The triumphant compositions of their brand new album, The Route Of Haeresis are fascinating and exciting, blasting away with lust for blood and a sense that the whole world is going to collapse around the ears of the weak, forcing us all to raise the horns in their honor. 

The Route Of Haeresis impresses because of the depth of the compositions. The blizzard of notes and hyper powered drums draw listeners into a distinctly Scandinavian hellscape. While the band hail from Finland their sound feels distinctly more Norwegian or even Swedish in style. It pulls from artists like Dissection and Dark Funeral in order to unleash sounds that fascinate with their larger than life imagery and fist raising melodies. The production on this album is excellent too, every instrument is really given its own sonic space and its own way to shine as you delve ever deeper into the wild and weird imagery that fuels so much of this release. 

For true black metallers, losing yourself in this release is going to be a delight and a privilege. This is an album that can't help but to capture the imagination and which consistently impresses with the breadth of what has been offered here. It feels like Mimorium have been able to put together a performance here that past albums only hinted at. It's a record that perfectly capitalizes on classic trends and leaves listeners more excited than ever about what is to come next from these underground devotees and the massive offerings they craft.

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