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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Medieval Demon - Black Coven

Medieval Demon have been staunch purveyors of Hellenic black metal since 1993. Their unique take on the genre is heavy hitting and unforgiving. The eerie magic of their new album, Black Coven is thrilling, it's demented and weird black metal to capture the imagination, devout in its dedication to the genre, whilst simultaneously lifting it up with all sorts of interesting frills like saxophones and more. The end result is their most cinematic release yet. An offering that manages to be both lo fi and larger than life, and it's thrilling. 

Black Coven is a thriller because of the depth of the compositions even in the face of basement level production. There is a spooky magic and a musical vision that helps to make this a really engaging and interesting record that goes far beyond so many of the bands peers how would rather just make flabby songs hearkening back to 'the good old days'. Medieval Demon are at their creative peak right now and this new album just proves how much further ahead they are of so much of the competition. It's at once gloriously evil but also truly thrilling in its vision and the compositional ideas behind it that make it such a dynamic offering. 

Getting lost in this record with its myriad layers of madness and old school vision is exciting. Very few records in my eyes have the same sort of potency of execution that Medieval Demon do. There is a real sense of old school grit that keeps this band fresh and exciting, but also an overarching triumph that I think speaks to the eternal power of black metal. I love immersing myself in what the band has done here, and now on my third or fourth listen, I feel confident in saying that this is by far my favorite offering from the band yet.

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