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Monday, July 25, 2022

Reeking Aura - Blood & Bonemeal


When the record has a song literally called "A Vegetative Mush that Melts Among the Shelves Lined with Meats of Indeterminate Origin" you know that you've got some real ass death metal on your hands. Such is the magic of Reeking Aura and their incredible new record, Blood & Bonemeal another excellent offering from the one and only Profound Lore. It's an album that drags the depths of death metal depravity and is guaranteed to keep listeners obsessed with the profound darkness that Reeking Aura have managed to conjure up. 

So before you ask, "A Vegetative Mush that Melts Among the Shelves Lined with Meats of Indeterminate Origin"is quite possibly the sickest song on the record. But as a general rule, Reeking Aura have put together a set of absolute bangers here. While the album is certainly in love with its Razorback Records esque gory death metal tropes, those actually seem very appropriate in the context and it's a lot of fun to get grimy with these guys. The crippling breakdowns, the breakneck blasts, the whole thing comes together in a way that will keep your head banging as you melt down under the almighty power of the riff. This is death metal done right, in a way that captures the imagination and hints at so much more glorious darkness to come. 

Blood & Bonemeal is a stunner anyway you slice it (And Reeking Aura sure do love slicing.) It's death metal for the bloodthirsty, skull crushing riffage for those who have devoted their lives to this most insane of musics. This is what death metal has always been meant to be, executed at a million miles an hour, surprisingly dynamic and relentlessly gory. There's a real old school magic that makes this record special, and it's only complimented by the neckbreaking modern sensibilities that turn this into one of my favorite records of the year so far.

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