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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Cainan Dawn - Lagu


Now this is an interesting one. The black metal of Cainan Dawn is a one of a kind monstrosity tying in nicely to a variety of schools and showcasing flawless execution throughout. The end result is their new album Lagu, which takes the listener on a veritable journey through psychedelic black metal soundscapes with twisted visions and potent imagery. There is something wonderfully fascinating about what Cainan Dawn have conjured up here and letting yourself get lost in the layers of madness is a wonderful Saturday activity. 

Lagu will charm listeners with a depth of sound and a vision that I think few of the bands peers can really match up against. There is a vision to this record that keeps me consistently engaged. This is a record that very much lends itself to the 'album experience', if you will. I could hardly imagine consuming these songs individually, it's much more about taking this in as a larger piece of work and letting yourself get lost in the surprisingly colorful waves of sound. Cainan Dawn have managed to sum up their myriad influences here to craft a record that is going to keep you coming back, thrilled with the scope of what's been accomplished.

In brief - this offering is yet another gem in the bejeweled crown of Osmose Productions, a label that historically has released some of the most flawless black metal. Lagu is a thriller with an approach that is grandiose but remains true to life. I'm thrilled with every aspect of this record, from its most frostbitten moments to the almost symphonic black metal magic of a track like Atlantis. Cainan Dawn have found a vision for their sound that is truly exciting and letting yourself get lost in this darkness is a rare treasure. Ensconce yourself in it.

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