Chuck Schuldiner Project

Friday, August 26, 2022

Nordjevel - Gnavhòl

I've long said that the best Norwegian black metal rocks. Such was the case with Nordjevel when I saw them last April and such is the case on their thrilling new album, Gnavhòl. This is snarling and twisted black metal done right with blazing guitars, a fierce vision and a dedication to throat slitting violence that few of the bands peers can compare too. In a world where Norwegian black metal has so often been co opted by posers who never really bothered to understand the darkness within, Nordjevel have found their own twisted path. 

Gnavhòl is mesmerizing in its glorious blasphemy. The blend of esoterica, war themes and of course straight up Satan obsessed madness is pushed to bold new heights on this record and it's extremely interesting to hear it all unfold. While Nordjevel rarely stray from classic Norwegian black metal sounds, their execution on this music is excellent and it's a delight to really let yourself get immersed in this bitterness. The burning fire that fuels tracks like "Spores Of Gnosis" is truly impressive and the unrelenting double bass draws listeners ever deeper in. Meanwhile, nods to classic black metal only further charm listeners looking for a taste of classic Norwegian darkness. 

Nordjevel are going to captivate and mesmerize you on this new record. They have unleashed pure black metal magic, and while none of it is reinventing the steel as it were all of it is awesome. This is black metal done right, with an eye to keep listeners in awe and coming back for more. The blasphemous visions and headbanging hatred that shape so much of this record is thrilling and dynamic. Letting yourself get completely lost in it is a delight. Gnavhòl is a potent next step from these Norwegian masters. Grab it when it drops in September!

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