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Monday, August 29, 2022

Diabolic Oath - Aischrolatreia

Aischrolatreia is the stunning new mini LP from Diabolic Oath. The bands death metal sound is utterly twisted and blasphemous, choking listeners with high volume slaughter and demented visions of a darker world. Song titles like "Before The Thrones Of Slobbering Gods" speak to the level of bizarre and twisted vision that Diabolic Oath are peddling here, and it only gets more insane from there. Diabolic Oath have unlocked a frightening new layer of death metal magic, and this mini LP is only a taste of twisted visions to come from the band. 

The magic of Aischrolatreia comes from the wickedly heavy and chaotic nature of the music. The depth of sound is also stunning, the way the production handles a veritable wall of distortion is impressive. There's so much going on in an individual song, but Diabolic Oath manage to sift through it all to ensure a message of overarching terror crushing your skull and leaving you in fear of the extended punishment to come. Across just five tracks Diabolic Oath manage to beat you down and leave you gasping for air, curious for what more is to emerge from this blasphemous soundworld and understanding there are so many psychotic layers to this thing. 

Diabolic Oath have left me extremely impressed with Aischrolatreia. It's a record that blasphemes and torments. Few albums understand the dark vision of this genre the way this one does. It's a portal to hell in the best way possible. Aischrolatreia will capture the imagination and keep you coming back because it's so rare to hear a record that is as gleefully demented as this one. Join me in getting lost in the muck, because it is the only thing that we have left. This is true death metal you bastards. Are you brave enough to dive in? 

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