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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Forlesen - Black Terrain

Now this is an interesting one. Forlesen is an ambient black metal project featuring members of a variety of heavy hitting bands like Maudlin The Well, Kayo Dot, Lotus Thief and Botanist. Their sophomore album Black Terrain is an impressive offering full of nods to black metal, doom, slowcore, post rock and much more. The moody and vibe heavy magic of this record is guaranteed to capture the imagination and leave listeners in awe. There's simply so much to unpack with what Forlesen have crafted here and letting yourself experience the magic of Black Terrain is a rare treat. 

Forlesen is a potent sonic force. There are simply so many layers to what they have created on Black Terrain. Their are moments that sound like Subrosa and others that wouldn't be out of place on a Xasthur record. The end result is an album that seems to eagerly navigate between influences in order to craft a sound that is unique, powerful and captures the imagination. When you really immerse yourself into these four very long songs you start to really get a sense of something greater, a new respect for the inherently artsy nature of the music and all that they have crafted within. This album is like a multifaceted jewel, and a delight to start to really unpack. 

Black Terrain is a truly powerful release, an album that constantly hints at more to come and which impresses with the breadth of its compositions. While at times this record may seem meandering, I Get the impression that's part of the overarching vision, to give people something to completely vibe out too. The vibes throughout Black Terrain are immaculate. As I wind my way through multiple listens it becomes clear that this was an immense labor of love and one that I think fans across the glove will be entranced with.

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  1. Listened to the first song "Strega", a lot of it is a little too flowy for me to return to (I am a simple man, a worshipper of the riff) but you have to acknowledge the songwriting/structure layering. Picked up a bit around the eight minute mark. Good stuff, I hope they find success.