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Monday, August 15, 2022

Psychlona - Palo Verde

There are few better feelings than hearing a band who you have been a fan of and supported for a really long time put it all together. Such is the case with the power of Psychlona and their stunning new album Palo Verde. The band has been able to put something together here that is simply on another level, a crushing slab of desert rock that captures the imagination and speaks to the indubitable, ongoing power of a group who understand what it means to be burdened by the power of the riff. Hearing them execute all over this record is a delight. 

This is just such a massive record, and I feel for the first time the live magic of this band is really captured. You see - Psychlona more than most any other band I know have a truly powerful sense of tone. Their execution on that alone is stunning. This new record though is a step up, it's by far their most dynamic record to date benefiting from gorgeous psychedelic passages and counterbalancing them with fuzz laden magic. This is a band whose sound is in love with the American highway, who understand the ongoing power of stoner rock and why heavy music is going to fascinate a certain group of us now and forever. 

Palo Verde is a one of a kind force, a testament to a growing bands rising powers and a thriller that is going to keep fans of the underground coming back in awe. I can't help but to be impressed with how much further Psychlona has come in the past few years and their unique ability to keep growing their sound, even within the relatively narrow desert rock framework is thrilling. This is a band like few others, one who have the open highway at their feet and stunning riffs that command you to come out and bend the knee. 

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