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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Phobophilic - Enveloping Absurdity


As many of you have no doubt realized, USDM is having a moment right now. Phobophilic are one of the many bands making the scene exciting in 2022 and their debut full length, Enveloping Absurdity is an absolute skull crusher. Their hardcore tinged brand of doom death is utterly terrifying, full of colossal riffs and skull cracking utterances. There is a demented vision that makes this a truly compelling full length, a potent record that draws you in and leaves you gasping for air at the hands of some of the heaviest to ever do it. 

The thing that really catches me about this album is how dynamic it is. Tracks like "The Illusion Of Self" lean into surprisingly robust psychedelic or even progressive passages. It creates a fitting counterbalance to some of the death doom destruction that has come to shape the record. The thing is - Phobophilic are extremely competent at both, and when they execute their unique brand of destruction you're going to be impressed no matter what. Phobophilic have elite songwriting capabilities shaped with years of demos and touring with some of the most exciting bands in the underground. What this means is that Enveloping Absurdity is an absolute stunner a record that reflects on so much of what is exciting in the underground these days. 

Phobophilic have managed to prove that they are among the great ones, headbangers to the core with a deep fundamental understanding of what makes death metal great. This album is going to drill a hole into your skull and have you continually coming back for more, ever thrilled to come to a deeper understanding of the twisted vision that they have laid out on and executed without mercy. There are spiraling riffs, angular mosh parts and devastating depths on Enveloping Absurdity. I encourage you to immerse yourself in them with me.

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