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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Slugcrust - Ecocide


Slugcrust is an eco-grind band hailing from South Carolina and featuring members of WVRMS. Their hyper politicized environmentalist message is given the perfect vehicle with their distinct brand of punishing, balls out grindcore. Emphasizing themes of depravity and frustration with the neverending stupidity of the human race, Ecocide serves as a stark warning to a species who have probably gone too far beyond what the planet could tolerate. The end result is a record that opens eyes and terrifies with an unrelenting sonic assault. 

Ecocide reflects a band who have germinated in the truly unique southern grind scene. There are clear nods to sonic ancestors throughout this record, and the stripped down nature of the songs makes them easy to digest and get punished by. The unrelenting brain drill of a track like "Scoundrel/Wraith" is strangely mesmerizing and speaks to the ongoing power that this band has to drag you to the depths of hell with them. The guitar tone needs to be admired, it's got a certain meatiness that few of the bands peers can really emulate and leans into noisy distortion just enough. As a general rule actually Ecocide is one of the best sounding grindcore records I've heard in a long while. 

This album sees Slugcrust going above and beyond. It sees them slitting throats and punishing listeners with wonderfully high volume madness. The message behind the music is crucial and the bands ability to continue to execute on it is truly impressive. This is one of the most important grind bands emerging from the scene today, not just because their music is truly excellent, but because their message needs more of a platform. I'm not sure what the next step is for humanity, but I'm certain the next step for Slugcrust will continue to melt faces.

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