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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Embrace Of Thorns - Entropy Dynamics


Yeah this record rules. Embrace of Thorns are a Hellenic black metal band, and their latest offering Entropy Dynamics sees the band firmly in the drivers seat as masters of Greek blackened death metal. The balls out assault that defines their latest record with its fist pumping riffs and hard hitting rhythms is truly thrilling and speaks to a band who understand the thrilling power of the underground. It's hard not to be charmed by the high energy assault and sonic firestorm that Embrace of Thorns so reliably churn out for us. 

This entire record impresses, be it with the creepy doomed passages on "The Breath of the Beast" or the blazing black metal fury that defines tracks like "I Wish You Burn In An Endless Funeral Pyre." There's just so much to really immerse yourself in. While the album does trend a bit longer, approaching 50 minutes, most of what's done here is justified. There's very little to cut out, but rather more to bend the knee in front of. While nothing on Entropy Dynamics is really reinventing the steel, as a general rule this is a really potent offering that seems to be full of exciting twists and turns that are going to keep underground fans coming back. 

Few bands have been able to have the longevity and consistency of Embrace of Thorns. The band, now on their sixth album has been doing this for nearly a quarter century at this point. Entropy Dynamics should serve as your invitation to delve deeper into the twisted world of Embrace of Thorns, a black metal band with a demented vision that ties nicely into so many of the classics. If you are a lover of all things blackened and underground then this is definitely a record to get lost in, fall in love with and then never ever forget.

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