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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria


This one is fucking sick. I first heard Vacuous when they released their debut EP, Katabasis back in 2020. Now they are gearing up to unleash the crushing Dreams Of Dysphoria. This is a wonderfully twisted release and one that can't help but to capture the imagination with its devastating guitars, off kilter melodies and utterly brutal gutturals. The bottom scraping devastation of this record is mesmerizing and to get lost in the simple blasphemy of what they have crafted here is a rare, and incredibly fascinating treat for death metal devotees. 

Vacuous fit nicely into the current trend of beyond brutal and utterly fascinating underground death metal. Dreams Of Dysphoria has a lot going on if you can find your way through the murk and cut through the demented visions of what's going on here. Vacuous have managed to unleash something that ties in nicely to so many of their peers but shows they have a vision that is wholly their own. To have a logo and album art that is as over the top as what Vacuous have done on Dreams Of Dysphoria requires a certain level of musical sickness. Fortunately Vacuous have more than proven that they are up to the task when it comes to unleashing evil riffs. 

Dreams Of Dysphoria is a crusher any way you slice it. Across six tracks plus an interlude, Vacuous lay down lessons in death metal violence. The band has a clear sensibility and quickly has carved out their own distinct style. Letting yourself get lost in the murk and embracing the twisted burning wreckage that they have unearthed is thrilling. The ceiling on this band is incredibly high and the future is thrilling. They have a sense of skull pulverizing devastation that few of their peers can even dream of. Will you join in their carnage?

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  1. First track is very swedeathy, with that cool atmospheric, evil ending. Good stuff.