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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Necromutilator - Oath Of Abhorrence


There was something magic about the early days of extreme metal when thrash, black metal and death metal all kind of found a way to blend together in a sound that just felt evil. In modern times there are few bands who can properly emulate this fusion of styles and ideas. Necromutilator though find a way to fuse it together with a sound that owes just as much to Sarcofago as it does to Autopsy. Their new record, Oath Of Abhorrence feels gloriously primitive and brutal, a teeth gnashing reminder that the worst is yet to come. 

Oath Of Abhorrence shines with its teeth gnashing madness and the unrelenting assault the band present across the albums eight tracks. There is something kind of refreshing about an album that doesn't try to be artsy or impressive but rather revels in the murk and delights in just how evil it can be. Necromutilator have a deep understanding of the twisted and blasphemous vision behind this type of music and the almost punk roots the whole thing is supposed to have. There is a certain venom spitting magic to the lo fi production and guttural vocals that shape a song like "Malevolent Blood". This is not thinking mans metal, but rather metal to slit your throat.

While there are no surprises and the whole thing is steeped in classic extreme metal hero worship, sometimes that's exactly what you want from an album. As I'm fond of saying - it doesn't matter if a record is full of tropes if the tropes fucking rule and the execution is good. Such is the case with Oath Of Abhorrence. Underground devotees are going to find themselves bending the knee in honor of a one of a kind and truly magnificent band. Get ready to dive into the pit and drink some blood, Necromutilator know just what the doctor ordered. 

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