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Monday, October 17, 2022

Congealed Putrescense - Within the Ceaseless Murk

With a band named Congealed Putrescense and a record called Within the Ceaseless Murk you kind of know what you're getting yourself into. Brutal, dungeon dwelling death metal with a sense of flair, a truly demented energy that is going to thrill listeners and continually set the band apart as you delve ever deeper into their wonderfully and distinctly demented brand of heaviness. Such is the magic of Within the Ceaseless Murk. It's not a thinking mans record, it's a disgusting mans record, and that' exactly what I love so much about its glorious filth. 

Congealed Putrescense do a great job on this record of capturing the deep, dark and dangerous magic of the underground. The willingness to writhe in the muck and spew out demented gutturals from a gloriously demented cavern is a huge part of what makes Within the Ceaseless Murk so addictive. Furthermore at just 4 songs and barely over 10 minutes long this is a very addictive listen and one that I think devout fans will come back to again and again. There's all the classic elements, from grimy riffs to flashy solos, and though there may not be a ton to say, it's the skull smashing simplicity of it all that makes this such a delight to really spend time with.

At it's best Within the Ceaseless Murk makes me feel like I'm being chased by a mask wearing serial killer. The demented moans and unrelenting give this whole affair a sense of terror that few modern bands can really tie into. Congealed Putrescence are unafraid to delve into the unhuman beast that lives inside all of us. There is something gloriously bestial about Within the Ceaseless Murk, and letting yourself get lost in that hatred for just a few short minutes is a strange kind of treat, but one that certainly has an impact that last beyond the compressed run time. 

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Within the Ceaseless Murk

Within the Ceaseless Murk

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