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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Impugner - Advent Of The Wretched

Impugner are a Norwegian death metal band featuring members of Deathhammer, Diskord and more. Their sound is wonderfully twisted and heavy, unrelenting sonic torment to tear listeners apart limb from limb. Advent Of The Wretched, the bands new album, is an absolute skull crusher, an album that consistently terrifies and tantalizes, forcing listeners to choke on the bitter pill of Impugner's unrelenting heaviness. It's death metal done with a desire for pure destruction, and the decaying drama within can't help but to fascinate. 

Advent Of The Wretched is delightful in its impressive sense of gruesome morbidity. Tracks like "An Act Of The Unspeakable" practically ooze with death metal madness and it's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the twisted layers of what Impugner have crafted here. There is a sort of inherent drama and gut churning attack to Advent Of The Wretched that will get underground fans excited to delve in and discover more from these soul melting riffs. The sense of torment that Impugner are able to spew out all throughout this record is delightful, the sort of thing that keeps underground devotees in thrall, curious to see new layers of madness. 

I think that whenever we listen to death metal we are looking for something that feels bestial. Such is the glory of Impugner and Advent Of The Wretched. This album feels wicked in its execution and it has a tormented vomitrocious assault that is going to draw in fans of the deep underground. This isn't a record for the faint of heart, but those of us who live our lives writhing in the muck and in awe of the death metal misery that is spat out in all of its lofi glory are going to deeply enjoy what Impugner have crafted for us on Advent Of The Wretched. 

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