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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Constellatia - Magisterial Romance

From the ashes of Wildernessking comes Constellatia. This South African post black metal force is guide forth by Wildernessking mastermind Keenan Nathan Oakes, and brought to fruition with Crow Black Sky's Gideon Lamprecht with Honeymoan singer Alison Rachael providing guest vocals. The end result is an absolutely stunning piece of work that captures the imagination with its uniquely airy brand of post black metal that is more focused on atmospherics than anything else. This is a record that will whisk you away and leave you constantly in awe. 

With Magisterial Romance Constellatia seem content in really embracing the deepest of their post rock influences. While there are still extreme vocals and moments that are undeniably black metal, this album seems to have more to do with Mogwai and Godspeed! You Black Emperor than it does Alcest or Harakiri for the Sky. The end result is a a sound that would work on stages with both types of bands. There is something really mesmerizing and powerful about what is being done here and it's a delight to really let yourself sink into so many of the delightfully dynamic visions that guide forward songs like "In Vituperation".

Across these four long form songs, Constellatia firmly plant their feet as masters of the scene and show once more that few can really contest their unique vision and approach to the genre. Magisterial Romance is a record that paints a psychedelic and potent sonic landscape, one that once you dive into you don't really ever want to leave. With songs long, and epic enough to get fully lost in, Constellatia have proven that they are a force who is only going to grow in the underground. Two albums into their career, and this band might be among the best out there.

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