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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Cryptae - Capsule

For those in the know, Cryptae have been a band to watch since their demo days. Their unique brand of demented, stripped down and wonderfully vile doom/death is terrifying and indicates a band who will never stop in their quest for blood. The unrelenting assault that they lay out on Capsule is thrilling, a noisy, raw and almost terrifying combination of songs that come together to make for something truly powerful. Though some of the experimentations may not entirely work, as a general rule this is a twisted offering to capture the imagination. 

Cryptae understand the freakish and potent power of death metal, especially when the genre is pushed to its more absurd extremes. There is a truly thrilling magic when you find yourself face to face with the nightmare of a song like "Sessile" with its punishing drums, grimy guitars and vocals that seem drawn from the bowels of Tartarus. Cryptae is at their best when they are leaning into the raw death metal side of things, and there's plenty of that on this record. The few moments they stray away from this vision of regurgitated guys is when the record becomes less compelling. But even then, it hints at a future for the band that could get even weirder. 

Capsule is an absolute crusher of a record. It feels old at times, but at others brings in mathy elements without even a blink. This is a record that seems eager to push the band forward and hint at so much of what they could become. Cryptae have always been in a league apart, and this record, while affirming their ties to the real underground, also seems to want to remind us just how bizarre and off the rails that these guys can go if they really want. This is raw death metal done right, full of unexpected visions and delirious torment. You need it in your life.

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