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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Hagetisse - De Verminkte stilte van het zijn


Maurice De Jong is perhaps the most prolific individual in the black metal scene right now, and certainly one of the most impressive. Having released upwards of 3 albums a year since 2007, it's easy to get lost in the murk of his many projects. One that has always been dear to my heart though is Hagetisse, which has long been a forum for De Jong to put out his more traditional black metal offerings. This latest record, De Verminkte stilte van het zijn is another such masterpiece, full of potent sonic ideas and an overarching vision that will capture the imagination. 

This is the first Hagetisse album that's completely in Dutch and it makes for an extremely personal effort. Even as someone who doesn't speak Dutch I can tell how much of his heart De Jong is putting on display with this record. De Verminkte stilte van het zijn is an album that really leans into the more human side of black metal, the transcendent powers and the elegant poetry of what this music can be. It's a delight to really let yourself get immersed in the droning guitars and pummeling drum patterns that drag you into a swirl of sonic majesty. Melodic and powerful yet also monochromatic and stark, this is an album that demands multiple listens. 

De Verminkte stilte van het zijn is an album that nicely summarizes so many of De Jong's strengths when it comes to writing black metal. He's crafted something very honest and personal in a way that I think goes beyond most of his peers. The end result is a record that is intense and fascinating, an offering that will keep you coming back and remaining in awe of so many of the illuminated visions that darken his sonic path. Hagetisse may not be the most well known of the many De Jong projects, but this record proves its one that deserves more of your time. 

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