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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Kampfar - Til klovers takt


Few black metal bands have been as consistently potent as Kampfar. Nine albums into their career they are crafting some of the best music of their careers, tracks that show a marked evolution on past works and which seem to hint at how bright the future is for this band. Til klovers takt is even on first listen clearly one of the strongest offerings in one of blac kmetals strongest catalogs and a record that proves that these veterans remain among the best in the game. It's hard not to be thrilled by the breadth of their sound and their skill within the genre. 

What strikes me the most about Kampfar and their brand of pagan black metal is how clearly elucidated it is and how after years of doing it, they still find ways to make black metal that is compelling and powerful, and distinctly Kampfar. Til klovers takt is a record that sees all of the old fire still burning, but also one that continues to emphasize the broad nature of the sound. Pagan elements shine through even from the first track and the overarching sense of triumph that the band express throughout this record reflects on their much deserved swagger. This is a record that leans into those classic tropes, but the tropes that built the band are awesome. 

Til klovers takt is exactly the sort of record that you want to hear from Kampfar. It's dark and transcendental whilst maintaining a level of evil and violence that fans have come to expect. Kampfar find a way to, consistently, emphasize their unique flair and prove that their model is one that many bands should, and do live in awe of. The songs on this record have no fat to be trimmed, instead they double down on the elements that make the band great whilst showing their skills as musicians and writers have only continued to grow. Get ready for this to drop in November, it rules. 

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