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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Hoaxed - Two Shadows

Two Shadows is an interesting record to say the least. It's a darkly transcendent heavy rock album that draws from a broad swathe of influences to create something intense and interesting. It's a record that fans of the underground are going to become inherently fascinated with and which continually seems to push the band further into worlds of occult rock sorcery. With melodies pushed to the max and gorgeous production rounding things out, Two Shadows is a really mesmerizing offering that borders on the transcendent. 

There is a really meaningful magic behind so many of the songs on this record. Tracks like "The Knowing" are mesmerizing and powerful, hinting at so much more to come from the band. There is a very real darkness that keeps me coming back to Hoaxed and in awe of the spiraling guitars and synth padding that seems to give this album so much life and has me coming back excited time and time again, curious to see what else might come of it. Two Shadows are a potent force in the Portland rock scene and letting yourself get lost in this is a delight.  It's a wonderful distillation of so much of the occult rock of bands like Jess and the Ancient Ones, Jex Thoth, and Blood Ceremony. 

Hoaxed have a deep understanding of their classic rock tendencies and have a distinct ability to couch it in the more modern strains of so called 'vest metal' that persist to the present day. Two Shadows is a record that at its best is anthemic and fascinating, it's an album that hints at so much more to come and which, time and time again showcases that the two musicians behind this are singular talents. Let yourself get lost in this sorcery because there is just so much that you can really indulge in here and so many layers to find yourself enamored with.

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