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Friday, October 14, 2022

The Lord & Petra Haden - Devotional

Now this is an interesting one. The Lord, Greg Anderson (Yes, THAT Greg Anderson) and Petra Haden come together on Devotional, Anderson's second project under The Lord moniker for a droning record with wordless vocals drawing from Indian classical music. The end result is an incense laden masterpiece where you find yourself transported through time and space ,exploring ancient melodies and musical ideas through a framework that feels distinctly modern, and wonderfully evocative of the oeuvre of both Anderson and Haden. 

Devotional, isn't exactly an easy listen, but it's a record that you will turn on and get completely lost in. The relatively stripped back instrumentations of droning guitars, drums and chanted vocals are ethereal and unexpected, especially to Western ears. The guitar and vocals have this amazing call and response approach that draws listeners in and fascinates with the otherworldly magic of what they have crafted. The booming drums and and ecstatic vocals are thrilling, a testament to a project that is intent on exploring the nature of worship. This is a record that challenges expectations every step of the way and leaves listeners begging for more. 

It's rare that I'm able to write a review as quickly as this one, but that's simply because the music has inspired me so much, even from the first listen. Devotional has very quickly cemented itself in my psyche as I find myself going back again and again trying to uncover myriad layers within these soundscapes and the elegant mastery of what these musicians have pulled together. Both of these artists are titans in their field, to hear them collaborate and find a unique vision that is so compelling, entrancing and all encompassing is a rare treat. 

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