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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Terrorhammer - Gateways To Hades


Terrorhammer first blasted their way onto my radar back in 2015 with Under The Unholy Command. Now the band has kept it going with another full length of death defying necro speed metal madness. The balls out assault that defines their new offering Gateways To Hades is pretty over the top but that's a key part of the appeal of what Terrorhammer are doing. The assault that they outline on Gateways to Hades is brutarian and to the point. It's the sort of thing that screams of classic metal magic and leaves you gasping for air, but begging for more. 

Gateways To Hades is chaotic, terrifying and wonderfully over the top. There is a thrilling vortex of sounds that shapes so much of what Terrorhammer has done. The dynamic assault of this record is a lot of fun, it's the sort of thing that you're just going want to play time and time again. With flashy solos, high powered rhythms and riffs pouring out of every orifice, Gateways To Hades thrills in its over the top assault. Terrorhammer is going to thrill you with this record, and though it's been years between full lengths, the wait has been more than worth it. These songs are more developed and harder hitting than anything they have done before. 

If you're looking for the next speed metal explosion to thrash your face off, Gateways To Hades is your go to. This is a record that leans into all the tropes, except the tropes are awesome, so it becomes a whole helluva lot of fun. It's a record that leans into so many of the classic elements of the speed metal genre but turns them up to 11, going faster, harder and louder than so many of their predecessors but executing with aplomb. Gateways To Hades is a killer, a testament to hard work and an album that opens many doors for the band.

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