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Monday, November 7, 2022

Karg - Resignation


Now this is an impressive one. Karg have long been standouts in the Austrian black metal scene because of their distinct vision and ability to bring in touches of post punk into their post black metal approach. This new record, Resignation is a fully realized glimpse at their vision, a record that is multilayered and powerful but still raw, engaging and willing to speak the truth. Karg have long sat as an elite force in the underground, it feels like now that they have been able to launch their sound forward and prove once more that they are a force to be reckoned with, a band who refuse to be taken lightly and who will continually unveil dark and triumphant layers to their vision. 

Resignation is an anthemic offering at its best. Tracks like "Generatoin ohne Abschied" (Generation without farewell) are multi part epics. In fact, the first four tracks on the record are all at least 9:51 long, allowing for larger than life compositions that capture the imagination and hint at all that Karg can be. There is something really to be said for the bombastic vision and dynamic approach the band takes here. Even so there are still a few DIY touches and stripped back vocal production for instance is able to ground the whole thing in reality. Resignation is a one of a kind force for all of this, and getting lost in it is thrilling. 

Karg have crafted something here that is visionary and deeply emotoinal. Even if you don't speak German, it's easy to find yourself unveiling new layers of the magic presented here. It's a record that seems to eagerly push for bold new heights and sorrowful visions. Resignation is a record that so many of us can relate too in a time where I think we all feel a little too overwhelmed to really get by. Turning it up and immersing yourself in black metal may end up being the only real answer. Fortunately, Karg give us this solace. 

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