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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Mick's Jaguar - Salvation

Mick's Jaguar have long been one of my favorite NYC heavy rock bands. Their new record, Salvation builds on the potent legacy of their 2018 debut Fame And Fortune. This is gritty, grimy rock and roll done with a sneer. The album art, with its depiction of copulation horses on a foggy middle-American farm speaks to the bands sound in a weirdly profound way. This is a distinctly American brand of rock and roll delivered with a bitter sense of irony. There is something to get lost in here, a sense of vintage rock magic few of the bands peers can really conjure up.

 Salvation is a really fun record any way you slice it. The intermix between male and female vocals, the bluesy guitar solos, the pumping rhythm section, it all comes together to make something that makes you want to raise your arms in the air and get lost in. There is a real sense of fun to the record that I think a lot of modern rock forgets. You don't have to be moody, you can just write songs about rocking, rolling and having a good time. Of course - there is some deep emotion conjured up on this record, often revolving around the bitter misery of life in a gritty city. 

This record is a blast. At its best its a potent statement of all that American rock and roll can be with its flashy solos, sense of swagger and larger than life lyrics. This is a record that is unapologetic in its hagiography of a previous generation of rock and roll, but that's exactly what makes it such a fun listen and has nerds like me coming back eagerly for more. While this offering is certainly nostalgic, sometimes that's what you need, and hearing Mick's Jaguar deliver this at a wonderfully high level with a very 2022 approach is addictive.

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