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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Licht Des Urteils - Uhraamo


Few things in black metal are more entrancing than a Finnish band blasting away at a million miles an hour and slicing throats every step of the way. Such is the magic of Licht Des Urteils and their stunning new record Uhraamo. This is Finnish black metal done right, with monochromatic soundscapes and a stormy, twisted vision of a future where so many of us are going to melt away in the face of inhuman darkness. Licht Des Urteils understand the creeping and mystical darkness of the genre and immersing yourself in it is a delight. 

Uhraamo impresses because of the bleak vibes that the band is so eagerly able to conjure up. Tracks like "Pagan Altars" reek of orthodox Finnish black metal torment. The blasting assault tears you limb from limb and speaks to a sort of innate bitterness that will keep you entranced and curious for more from these death dealers. There is a blasting ferocity to this record that is delightful and to lose yourself in the pulsating madness is a lot of fun. Licht Des Urteils is a one of a kind force and the way that they tattoo the earth with hatred on Uhraamo is completely thrilling, a testament to their deep understanding of this particular corner of black metal. 

There is a wonderful sense of despair that defines Uhraamo and the blistering vision that Licht Des Urteils has conjured up for us. It's easy to get lost in the blizzard of sound that Licht Des Urteils have conjured up and the twisted vision that shapes so much of their most blasphemous work. Lose yourself in this darkness and join us in celebrating the madness. This is black metal done right, spewing misery and forcing us all to genuflect before the dark lord. You're going to want to turn this one all the way up as soon as humanly possible. 

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