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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

In Pain - The Thing From The Grave

The Swedish death metal revival has been a blast to witness these past couple of years. While of course it has been spearheaded by many of the classic old names, it's exciting to see the underbelly of the genre. Such is the case of In Pain. While they released some demos in the early 90s, they have rapidly accelerated their growth after years of dormancy, and now are releasing their second full length, The Thing From The Grave. This is Swedish death metal done right, with glorious gutturals and chainsaw guitars that leave you gasping for air. 

While In Pain certainly don't stray too far from classic Swedish death metal formulas they execute on them with aplomb. Tracks like "Decapitated By Lightning" will impress you with their vision and deep understanding of the genre. There is an apocalyptic sense of chaos that fuels a lot of this record and it's easy to really immerse yourself in the bloodthirst of these offerings. There is an undeniable groove to a lot of what's going on here too that I think helps to make The Thing From The Grave a really addictive listen. Factor in some really excellent production that nicely spaces everything out in the mix and you have yourself a helluva record. 

In Pain have managed to push themselves above and beyond with The Thing From The Grave proving that perhaps old dogs know the best tricks. There is a sense of death metal devastation that In Pain execute on at a very high level and letting them crack your skull and infest your brain with ear maggots is a delight. The Thing From The Grave is an absolute crusher of an album and fans of classic Swedish Death Metal are going to find themselves really thrilled with the end result. This is death metal done right and if you're looking for something to make you drag your knuckles, search no more! 

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