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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Rienaus - Luciferille


For those of us who remain devoted to the underground in an era of posers, the work of KVLT, one of the premier Finnish black metal labels is hugely important. They shine a light on some of the most demented treasures squirming in the filth of dungeon dwelling black metal. One such maggot from the abyss is Reinaus whose third full length, Luciferille is an absolute masterclass in what Finnish black metal was always meant to be. This is the genre played to the hilt, leaning into every trope and remind us why the Finns are the demon kings of the genre. 

The Luciferian crusade of Reinaus dates back to 2009, but it really feels that this record is what brings the band to a whole new level. There is a demented assault on the sense that shapes the bone grinding magic of this album and keeps me coming back in awe of the twisted visions that they so wondrously conjure up. The apocalyptic sounds and pummeling assault of a track like "Saatanan Valtakunnassa" is addictive. Rienaus have a certain level of groove that keeps things delectable and counterbalance it with monochromatic soundscapes and tormented vocals that leave you delighting in the squelching murk of it all. 

Luciferille is a thrilling offering any way you slice it. Rienaus have come forth with a record that burns with the eternal flame of the underground and which encourages us to delve deep into our doctrine to understand the blackened visions that they cultivate so eagerly. Rienaus are a one of a kind force in the underground and letting myself get lost in their twisted vision is delightful. This is black metal done with a burning heart, and its twisted approach will invoke the blackness within you. I love Finnish black metal, and this is a triumphant testament to the genre.

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