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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Prophetic Suffering - MMXXII

Man the phrase "Bestial Death Metal" hits different when you see it in your inbox from Sentient Ruin. The label has become such a bulwark for the extreme, weird and punishingly heavy, that if they refer to something as bestial, then you know you're in for an incredibly heavy listening experience. Such is the case with Prophetic Suffering, whose thrilling new EP, MMXXII is an absolute masterclass in riff heavy and demented death metal madness. Their take no prisoners approach is utterly soul destroying, thrilling in its twisted scope. 

This is the sort of demo that really benefits from dungeon production. It's a record that leans into many of the most depraved elements that help to shape the genre. The tormented screams that define songs like "The Suffering" are addictive. Meanwhile, the breakneck rhythm section assault is mesmerizing. You find yourself completely entranced for the entire demos twelve and a half minute run time, lost in a sea of blasts. It's such a delight to let yourself get immersed in the torment and feel the world crashing down around you. This is raw death metal doen right, and the desire for carnage only gets more and more addictive with repeat listens. 

Prophetic Suffering may be crafting evil music that only the most devour fans of the underground will sink their teeth into, but it's addictive. It's the kind of thing that twists your soul and reminds you of the glorious darkness within this music. While it may only be a twelve minute demo, there is a lot of potential here, and I'm very curious to see if the band can manipulate this intensity into a compelling full length. I'm inclined to believe they can because it's hard not to be thrilled by a record that goes this deep into the world of violence. Keep an eye out for these maniaxe.

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