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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Lumen Ad Mortem - Upon the Edge of Darkness


Lumen Ad Mortem are a black metal band with a very clear vision of who they are and what they want to create. Their dedication to classic nineties black metal is delectable, adn their ability to execute within the genre at an extremely high level is fascinating. It speaks to a band who are a one of a kind force in the underground. Their new album Upon The Edge Of Darkness shows a deep respect for classic nineties black metal sounds and has a primeval power that I think is going to keep many fans of the underground entranced with what is being created here.

There is a very real depth and fascinating wellspring of sound that really allows this record to shine. Aided by some simply massive sounding production Upon The Edge of Darkness shines with its frostbitten and cripplingly bleak riffs that unveil countless layers of sempiternal sorrow. The pit of darkness that shapes so much of Lumen Ad Mortem's oeuvre is fascinating. There are some truly impressive layers to Upon The Edge Of Darkness and the bands willingness to peel back this bitterness is delectable. Lumen Ad Mortem show from the first that they have a profound understanding of what makes black metal exciting, and it shines throughout this album. 

Upon The Edge Of Darkness is a dynamic and powerful record. It's an album that reflects on its own beauty and which will entrance devout listeners. There is a lot to fall in love with here and the breadth of the compositions will almost certainly leave you in awe. Lumen Ad Mortem have conjured up a black metal record in the grand old style, a record that feels epic and which benefits from its own bombast. In a scene where so many artists try to sound pretty, or are extreme for the sake of being extreme, Lumen Ad Mortem showcase themselves as underground masters of a different breed.

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